Indian Summer

We had an Indian summer day on Saturday. The heat returned, and everyone put on their summer clothes again. The crowd at the Brooklyn Bridge Park was happy to catch what could be the last hot day of the year, cooling their heels by the river. The Marble Ice Cream stand was doing a roaring trade. Everyone wanted their organic ice cream made from grass-fed cows' milk. We watched the sun set over the Statue of Liberty and wandered around DUMBO just as night fell. The Arts Festival was in full swing and we found ourselves marveling over various art installations that were set off so spectacularly against the historic architecture. People spilled all over the streets, happy to be out on such a beautiful night, partaking in the festive atmosphere. It was one of those times that New York City seems to offer just the right mix of nature and culture.


Autumn Equinox

Today, the autumn equinox, began with a soft, orange-tinted sky. The rain from the night before left a mist lingering over the garden, enveloping me in my solitude. I want to measure out my life in mornings like this.


In the mood for Autumn

The weather changed overnight, and suddenly, the Keatsian "season of mists and mellow fruitfulness" is upon us. The temperature dipped, and we've put on our sweaters. In the garden the flowers have turned into seed pods. I have always loved the beginning of fall, where everything seems to change before your eyes. These are some of my favorite images from some of my recent work. I am lucky that I get to work with friends who allow me to do lovely things.


First Day of School

Today was Lily's first day of fourth grade.
It seems not long ago that she started pre-K.


The end of summer

Colorful memories of this summer to keep me through the sterner seasons ahead.


The Sea

"The edge of the sea has many voices, as I think of them, some booming, some frantic, some crashing. But the voice I respond most deeply to, listen most closely to, is one that whispers: a sussuration of water riffling across clacking stone, mingled with breezes catching in the high grass of the dunes. After years of first finding and then finally hearing and understanding what that voice can teach me, I have just begun to accept the relentless flux that is the condition of my life, of all our lives. Not young, not old; not betrothed, not alone; thinking back, looking forward; not broken, not quite whole anymore either. But present."

Dominique Browning, Slow Love


RIP Corinne Day

all photos by Corinne Day

The English fashion and documentary photographer Corinne Day passed away over the weekend at the age of 48. I loved her fresh take on fashion, especially her celebrated photographs of a young Kate Moss for The Face. Of her own fashion work with other supermodels, she once said, "They're stale, just about sex and glamour, when there are other elements of beauty." She turned to documentary photography, capturing the messy lives of her friends with an unflinching intimacy that was at times unbearably sad.