Prospect Park

This is the closest I came to taking a walk in the woods today. Julian and I meandered around Prospect Park in the afternoon, trying to make the most of the autumnal sunshine. The trees are at their most majestic right now, especially when bathed in the slanting afternoon light. Flocks of kinglets and warblers were just as happy roosting around these trees as we were happy walking under them. I thought of the architect Cedric Price's conceptual metaphor for our current thinking about city and nature being more like a scrambled egg, as opposed to the 18th-century take on the two domains being completely separate. There is certainly more nature in our urban centers, and major cities around the world are leading efforts in sustainability. I do occasionally miss the wildness of the country, and I certainly welcome the way we are bringing nature back into cities.


  1. Ngoc, ça me rappelle nos escapades à l'automne, upstate NY, quand nous partions profiter de l'Indian Summer... Souvenirs, souvenirs... Comment s'appelait ce parc fantastique avec un grand lac où nous sommes allés plusieurs fois, dont une avec Jean-Christian, les flics nous avaient arrêtés et JC avait hurlé: Please don't shoot, et ils nous avaient suivis jusqu'à l'extérieur du parc? Quels bons moments, merci de me les remémorer.

  2. Oups j'ai cliqué Anonymous, mais c'est moi, Chantal... Bisous!