Snow Day

Yesterday we had one of the best snow days in a while. Lily went sledding in Prospect Park, where the park rangers had put up a big banner proclaiming "SNOW DAY." By early afternoon, I looked out the window and our whole neighborhood had turned into a giant crystal palace, all the trees glimmering like jewels in their thick snowy coats. We gathered around the fire at Melissa and Nelson's, along with her father and neighbor Flavio, warming ourselves with hot soup and quiet talk. On our way home in the evening, we tread gingerly on the soft powdery white snow, reluctant to make our marks on its pristine surface. On Smith street, there was no traffic and the cars were buried deep in snow, and all was white under a inky sky. Today the clouds parted, and the sun came back, melting all the snow from the branches. The light shone so brilliantly I walked around with the feeling as if I had just awoken from a dream.

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