For the first time in months, I was able to spend the morning wandering around the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It was pure bliss. All my worries and cares fell away, and I was left with the sky, the light, the flowers, and the laughter of children.


A few verses.
A few lines about poetry.
A few sips down the throat
Of something thick and bitter.
The evening lowers its weary bones.
Memory. Silence.
The barely audible tick-tack.
If only there was a summer shower.
My head on someone's navel. Yes!

Radmilla Lazic
(translated by Charles Simic)

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  1. de Bali j'aimerais t'envoyer d'aussi belles photos de frangipaniers, de flamboyants, de lotus... mais je n'ai pas ton talent! Ces photos sont tres blissfull en effet! Je t'embrasse.