Jeanette Winterson

"Love is part of what is sacred in life. Through love we get a chance to see past our own boundaries – not only into the life of another, but to the edge of life too; the last step off the seeming-solid into the weightlessness of death, its free-form... love and death are made of the same stuff; the same intensity of moment, the never forgotten detail. The moment of finding that you love someone is like the moment of knowing you will never see them again; its clarity is dazzling, and it alters everything – not just everything that will come after, but everything that has gone before."
"We don’t grieve in straight lines...Grief is circular. "
Jeanette Winterson, from a review of As A Friend by Forrest Gander

Jeanette Winterson is one of my favorite writers. I find these words to be so true. Grief is indeed circular. All could be fine one day and the next would bring it all back. 

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