Thought of the Day

"Shifts are taking place before our eyes. Landscape artists and architects need to give them a name and make them visible. Aesthetic expertise is needed to enable the transforming relations between humans and the rest of nature to break through into public spaces."
Diana Balmori, landscape architect  

I do think that we are living on the cusp of some enormous changes. I read that sometime in the near future, half of the world's population will be living in urban areas, which reminds me of Jean Nouvel's mandate for "un accès aux mêmes bonheurs urbains" for everyone. Cities have to be more democratic and we have to incorporate more nature into the urban fabric. All this is very exciting.

I've been thinking that it is highly likely that I will end up in New York forever. It has never occurred to me that I will live anywhere forever, having moved around every five or six years my entire life. 

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