Aurore sent me some pictures of her recent work. She paints little tableaux of daily life, much the same way I photograph the things around me in my own life, but I find her work so much more interesting. These paintings made me realize that we've already left spring behind. Summer is here in full force. We've had the most pleasant summer weekend. The weather was perfect, and it seemed that everyone in New York City was outside the last couple of days. Soon it will be all too humid and we will retreat inside air-conditioned walls, but for now, we are relishing the  hours spent outside. Yesterday, we had a lovely picnic in Central Park with Nelson, Melissa and Milo. As we wound our way out of the park in the fading evening light, we came upon  couples of all ages dancing the tango under a grove of trees. It was so lovely to watch them moving elegantly in step to the music from a scratchy old record–a fitting end to a beautiful evening.

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