The Sea II

"All the most interesting things in the world take place where the sea meets the land and you're between those two states of mind. On that border zone, you're neither one nor the other, you're both."
J.G. Ballard

I love the sea. I was born by the sea, and it is inextricably part of my being. As Ken Worpole wrote in an essay on tidal pools, "it is often at the border between land and sea - often when we are children - that we first have intimations of our own insignificance, as well as a countervailing sense of an irreducible self." My mind keeps returning to the image of  the connecting line between land and sea, like the connecting tissue between past and present, ever shifting, one not distinct from the other, just like the last  line in T. S.Eliot's poem East Coker, "In my end is my beginning." I am forever poised on that line, being between two states of mind, becoming a new self but never fully shedding the former one.

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