Jean-Philippe Delhomme

Jean-Philippe just started a deliciously funny blog with a fictitious character, "The Unknown Hipster." Like much of his work, notably the Polaroids des Jeunes Filles series, it's an ironic comment on the snobbism of the art and fashion world. In this post, the fictitious Unknown Hipster goes to Australia for fashion week and fails to get the attention of the Sartorialist and Garance Doré to photograph him in his carefully planned vintage outfit. In his frustration, he asks a random tourist to take his picture instead and posts it on the blog. It is absolutely hilarious. 
The post came to the attention of Garance Doré, who believed that Jean-Philippe was really there in Australia and that she had failed to notice him, completely missing humour of the post. She then did a post in which she expressed her excitement of being drawn by her "god" and said she would have liked to meet him. As a result of her post, Jean-Philippe's blog got an astronomical spike in the number of hits (from less than a hundred–the blog is 3 weeks old–to over 10,000) and a slew of comments. I think there is enough material here for a thesis on the post-modern blurring of fiction and reality in mass communication of the early 21st century.

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