Another muggy day

It's another muggy day and I had yet more computer troubles. Luckily, my friend Dan, the tech extraordinaire, sorted everything out for me. Lily and I had a lovely lunch by the pond, along with the turtles and the dragonflies. We watched a bird swoop down onto the water to snatch the insects and felt like we were watching a live David Attenborough nature documentary. On the way home, I picked up a wonderful book on patterns out of a box on the street (it's a custom around here to leave books and other things out in front of your place for others to pick up–a rather friendly and efficient system of exchange). My neighbor Benny, a sixty-something Napolitano  who's been here for decades and still speaks with a thick accent, gave me a bag full of basil plants from his garden. We have that wonderful relationship that gardeners often have with one another, always ready for any exchange of knowledge or bounty. Over the last couple of months, Benny has offered me great advice, the use of his electric saw to trim the holly, and sapling of his wisteria which he had brought back from Napoli years ago. These are some of the reasons I love where I live.

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