Sonoma's Lavender Farms

Although I am perfectly happy to be living in Brooklyn most of the time, once in a while the thought of California tugs gently at my heart. In the "Escape" section of the New York Times this morning is an article on the lavender farms in Sonoma. The pictures above are from the Matanzas Creek Winery which has a large lavender garden. I felt an overwhelming desire to be there. Suddenly I had visions of walking among the lavender fields, of waking up in the warm sunshine and not the sticky, humid and unrelenting grey mush that greeted me this morning. I recently came across the term "urban refugee" and I can picture myself as one, with my constant dreams of sylvan escape. But like the poet W. S. Merwin, I "love the city, but I also love the country and I realize that when I'm in the city I miss the country all the time, and when I am in the country, I miss the city some of the time."

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  1. I was grateful to find this website in the centre
    of an unquiet night. Thank you.